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Custom fit dental sports mouthguard

A healthy lifestyle includes being active, and for many being active means playing contact sports. The downside is the risk of injury, meaning safety and protection are priorities. That includes keeping a full set of teeth!

A sports mouthguard will do the trick. The best type of mouthguard is a custom-fit dental sports mouthguard for the athlete’s teeth. They fit precisely and do not slip around in the mouth or even fall out. A custom mouthguard will protect the lips, gums, cheeks, and teeth from a sports-related injury. A custom mouthguard will reduce the severity of or prevent concussion by decreasing the damaging force.

For optimal protection, sports mouthguards should be worn during practices as well as for games of non-competitive or competitive sports to prevent the following injuries:

  • tooth fractures
  • tooth loss
  • tooth intrusion (tooth push down into the gum)
  •  lip damage
  • injury to gums
  • concussion

Any one of these dental accidents requires emergency medical or dental attention to increase the chances of successful treatment and outcome. A properly fitted sports mouthguard is a sensible solution to help prevent dental injuries.

A sports mouthguard should be stored in a clean, firm, perforated container to prevent damage and permit air circulation. Your sports mouthguard should be rinsed with cold water after use and cleaned using a toothbrush and toothpaste after use.

Make it your policy never to wrap your mouthguard in tissue, as this is how they accidentally end up in the garbage! And never share your sports mouthguard with others.

Under normal wear, your mouthguard should be checked by your dental hygienist at each visit and replaced every two or three years, depending on how frequently it is worn.

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