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Snap on Smiles

Snap-On Smiles are “temporary” or “removable” veneers that provide an affordable smile makeover similar to your natural teeth.

A Snap-On Smile fits over your teeth. The removable veneers cover any stains, chips, gaps, or missing teeth and can be a temporary or long-term solution for your smile.

Made of hi-tech durable dental resin

The Snap-On Smile process involves three steps and two visits to our office:

We make an impression of your teeth and send them to a lab.

The lab makes a custom-fitted set of removable veneers

In about three weeks, we will fit them on your teeth.

You can eat and drink while wearing the snap-on veneers. Cleaning them is simple by using a cleaning solution.

Advantages of a Snap-On Smile:

  • Affordable
  • easy to remove
  • easy to clean
  • improves your smile
  • Disadvantages
  • Some people find them uncomfortable
  • They increase your risk of cavities and other oral health issues
  • They are not an alternative to dental restorations/ braces.

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